Athletes Are Getting Right In To Dating Apps In The Rio Olympic Village

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Dating App At Olympics – 11 Fascinating Facts About Dating Apps In The Olympic Village

During the last several Olympic Games, a ton of people have used dating apps in Olympic Village , the college campus-type area that houses the athletes. And to prepare for all the sex that may be had, free condoms were distributed, too. Regarding the Olympics in Sochi, Dr. She attended several Olympic Games, as well as toured the Olympic Villages. There is stress, which causes tension, and anxiety and energy, and a massive outpouring of chemicals in the body — adrenaline and endorphins.

As far as the dating apps themselves are concerned, Olympic athletes have talked about their popularity, too.

According to Tinder, an online dating service, there has been a drastic increase in swipers “passporting” at the Olympic Village in.

Athletes are many things: ambitious, driven, determined, focused, methodic, hard-working, and attractive. Seriously, how is it that every athlete seems to have the most beautiful face and irresistible swagger to go along with it? Having a casual fling with an athlete is likely an obvious dream for many, so with the PyeongChang Winter Olympics fast approaching, I ask the burning question: Do athletes use dating apps in the Olympic Village?

The answer? Yes , big time. Dating app usage first started spiking in , during the Sochi games, according to The Independent. Apparently, Olympic organizers had cracked down pretty hard with strict social media guidelines in the Summer Games in London, so it was game way on once they loosened the digital rules in The area that housed the Village, home to 18, athletes, coaches, and officials, saw a 64 percent increase in daily active dating app users during the games, according to DailyMail.

What’s even more impressive? Matches made on apps surged by percent over the course of move-in weekend alone. I would venture to guess that, if you were anywhere near the Village, the chances of swiping on an Olympian were astronomical. I’d swipe right hard on either of those two, TBH.

Bobsledders, snowboarders rule Tinder at Pyeongchang

Young Olympians at the games are finding ways to fill their downtime after their respective events. With Tinder, of course. Olympians and game attendees are swiping so much, the company confirms to Inverse it saw Tinder activity in Pyeongchang, South Korea spike a whopping percent since the games began.

Competitors and support staff have put their profiles on dating app Tinder Gold upgrade free to athletes and users in the Olympic Village for.

Apparently watching the Winter Olympics on television will no longer suffice in making people feel at the very heart of the action. These days, people are changing their Tinder locations so they can swipe on athletes at the Olympic Villages in South Korea. According to Tinder data, there’s been a 1, percent increase in swipers “passporting” to the Olympic Villages, where the athletes are staying. Tinder Passport is a feature which allows users to change their location to connect with people anywhere in the world.

That means anyone with a Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold account can switch their location to Pyeongchang if they want in on some Olympic action. And, users in Pyeongchang are apparently “giving away right swipes like hotcakes. In Tinder’s ranking of the top 10 countries “passporting” into the Olympic Villages, the U. Sweden wins the silver medal, and the UK isn’t far behind with a bronze medal. So, those of you swiping on your fave athletes might not have to fork out for a ticket to South Korea just yet.

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Hook up olympics. Olympic villages are tightly guarded

Just ask American snowboarder Jamie Anderson, who recently admitted that all the Olympic athletes in her general vicinity made perusing Tinder on her phone an enticing, but ridiculously distracting activity. According to Nicole Eggenberger and Jennifer Peros of Us Weekly , the year-old California native became enamored with scrolling through her phone and checking out other athletes via the online dating application.

There are some cuties here. Tinder is among the fastest-growing dating apps, according to CNN Money.

Athletes in the Olympic Village have taken a liking to Tinder – a dating app that suggests possible dates for the user based on their geographic.

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Athletes have previously tried to hook up at the Olympic village Olympic village tinder hook. If he married, director, who assemble up being limited range. By the Rio Summer Games, the Olympic Village was banging being said, its certain people found some tucked away places to hook up Winter olympics record number of condoms given to athletes.

There are ten total stuff packs. When she goes on about it, you think you deserved them. Athletes have previously tried to hook up at the Olympic villageCredit Do I have a chance with him?

Athletes Tell All: What Hooking Up in the Olympic Village Is Really Like

Want to discuss? Please read our Commenting Policy first. TORONTO — When you mix intense pressure and excitement with a group of incredibly fit good-looking young athletes from all corners of the globe, sex is bound to happen. Throw in an app that has a reputation for helping people hook up and sex is definitely going to happen. It seems that athletes in the Olympic Village have taken a liking to Tinder — a dating app that suggests possible dates for the user based on their geographic location.

The app has gained a reputation as a hookup app, because the user picks their matches based solely on looks.

Hook up olympic village; In todays gossip roundup Gold medalist – Tokyo athletes looking for tinder fun will struggle to. Hook-ups among athletes have.

Olympic athletes at Tokyo that are searching for some Tinder fun might struggle to bonk in the new single beds. Cheeky competitors at the Winter Olympics used the dating app in a desperate attempt to bag themselves more than just a medal. At Pyeongchang in , the athletes had the pleasure of spreading themselves out in a roomy double bed at night. Images have revealed the basic living conditions for the competitors at the event in Tokyo, Japan.

They will have to make do with a single bed made from recycled cardboard, a small chest of drawers and a wardrobe. The craze of athletes using dating apps to escape the pressure of competition hit the headlines during the Rio games in Hook-ups among athletes have long been part of the Games but using their mobiles has made these flings a lot easier. Read Next.

Tinder Takes Over Olympic Village

A Tinder spokeswoman said: Olympians staying in the athletes’ village have also been given free access to Tinder’s “gold” tier during the Games, allowing them to see who has already liked them before swiping right. They can also revoke swipes, and have access to Hubbell Passport, which allows them to connect with users located anywhere in the world. Tinder first caught on among Olympic athletes during the Games in Sochi and, since then, it has become an important condoms for those seeking to enjoy a canadian type of “performance” between winning medals.

Figure’s meeting people and trying to hook up with someone”.

Athletes spill details on dirty secrets in the olympic village. The Wichita Eagle, Khloe and enjoyment, which chronicles her royal family. Casual dating sites are.

According to Reuters , Tinder has seen a percent spike in usage in PyeongChang since the Olympics began. It also means Tinder has data on who’s getting swiped right the most in the Olympic Village. The most popular athletes on Tinder, according to the app, are male bobsledders and female snowboarders. A further breakdown?

Male ice hockey players, snowboarders, alpine skiers and skeleton racers are also doing just fine. Same thing for female alpine skiers, bobsledders, lugers and freestyle skiers. Tinder’s location-changing option includes the Olympic Village, but the app says athletes from the United States, Sweden and Great Britain are trying the hardest most to “connect” with other athletes. No word yet on how many of those record-breaking number of condoms that were distributed have been used, but, like, probably everyone in the Village goes home a winner at least once , no?

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