George Takei calls migrant treatment a ‘grotesque low’

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We stand in strong solidarity with protestors, organizers, and activists seeking justice for George Floyd and other victims of racial violence. Within those 18 days, though, Theater Mu had already produced two virtual events, later branded as Mu-tini Hours. They had grown its periodic Mu Monday play readings into a near-weekly gathering, open to Asian artists around the world. And, when Mu artists transformed their developing youth curriculum into a virtual series called Family Exploration with puppetry, games, step-by-step cooking, and more in mid-April, the team was producing three events per week.

They were even able to host a Mu-medley variety show one week.

The game will have a full English dub featuring George Takei, and a PlayStation launch, the PS5 version won’t be available until a later date.

But now I am at the opposite end of the cute pandas They still seem whimsical, fun-loving and life embracing, so I suppose Elder Panda is just an older version of the cute, cuddly, happy panda cubs. I am of the radio generation. I always marvelled at those who could use their voice to help you create that mental vision of the situation and the characters and the story. I believe in communicating with young people to prepare them to build a better future for all of us.

I just published a graphic memoir about my childhood which I wrote aiming at the young reader.

Takei highlights horrors of Japanese internment

I was born to a Buddhist family — my father was Zen and my mother was Shin, and both were rather casual about it. Before Internment all I remember of Buddhist temples are the funerals and the weddings. Then the Internment came. It was a very chaotic time.

Sorry George Takei, ‘Back to the Future’ Day was a hoax. in the comments section, the actual date of Future Day is Oct. 21 And, to add insult to injury, it is a hoax that has already gone around the Internet once before.

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Oh My: George Takei joins 2020 Calgary Expo lineup

AP — George Takei says U. Takei, interned as a child, said his family and others were kept together when they were sent to American camps. In contrast, the “Star Trek” actor said, some immigrant babies and children were separated and moved great distances from their parents. Takei, who stars in a new horror-drama series set in a Japanese-American internment camp, made his comments to a TV critics’ meeting Thursday. Home Menu Search. Facebook Twitter RSS.

Star Trek: The Cruise Reveals New Sail Date — Plus More Celebrity Cruises (​Yes, the Stars Are On Board!) Hit.

We justcreated the illusion of space. But here, the real thing is being done,”Takei said. Takei, 69, is best knownfor playing Mr. Sulu on the cult classic ,which aired from through He and the fictional crew of the StarshipEnterprise explored space and defended the United Federation of Planets. More recently, though,Takei came out as a homosexual, and he came to KSC to talk with workers aboutthe value of diversity in complex team efforts. We had visual diversity — an African woman, an Asian man, apointy-eared alien.


It was released on the internet on August 23, , at the same time as a premiere in Beverly Hills, California. Set in the 23rd century, the series follows the adventures of Captain James T. In this episode, when a failed Romulan weapons test traps Enterprise in an inter-dimensional rift, Lt. Hikaru Sulu John Lim and another crewmate are sent over to the wreckage of the Romulan ships. The anomaly’s effect on the transporter causes Sulu George Takei to come back 30 years older and with a daughter, Alana Christina Moses.

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George Takei, 83, made the bizarre comments in a tweet Saturday in which he insulted millions of Breitbart readers. On this episode of the “Oh Myyy Pod! And that is a tragedy of enormous scope. ThatSaxyGuy Mike , views. For example, they could support Takei marked the 70th anniversary of the internment of Americans of Japanese descent, including himself as a child, by asking his readers to contact the US Congress to block S. Brunton told In , the government of Japan conferred upon Takei the Takei.

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George Takei on ‘Being Gay, Being Buddhist’

By Dino-Ray Ramos. Created and executive produced by Matt Braly Gravity Falls , the fantastical series is inspired by his heritage, family and childhood trips to Bangkok, Thailand. In season two, we find Anne and the Plantars on a quest to unlock the mysteries of the music box as they leave the cozy confines of Wartwood for the distant city of Newtopia.

On their journey, they will visit exotic new locations, uncover hidden secrets and experience unexpected reunions as they continue to search for a way to get Anne home. The first six shorts highlight Anne and the Plantar family.

George Takei, best known to millions worldwide as Lieutenant Sulu from Star Trek, is boldly going into a Date: Last updated: at ​.

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