Helping expectant mothers understand inadequate ultrasound images

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Can dating scan be wrong

The lack of her baby’s movement and Louise’s small bump was indicative of fetal growth restriction – a very serious problem. Being delivered of a healthy baby is perhaps the foremost wish any parent-to-be has for their unborn child. Louise Sapsford, 31, was no different when she was pregnant with her son, Sebastian. Yet given the heartache around his birth, and how it nearly resulted in tragedy, she admits:.

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Here at Tommy’s we are fortunate to have a number of supporters who go above and beyond to help us continue our lifesaving research. One of these such individuals is Fran. We sat down with Fran and talked through her journey of six losses before meeting her rainbow baby. It was very apt as Tom and I had been through several miscarriages by that point with no children — so was a very poignant invitation for us. We had just had the best year of our lives — we got married, had a fantastic honeymoon, travelled and generally had loads of fun.

Then the following year in , we decided we would start trying for a family. As many couples do, we thought we had time on our side and getting pregnant would be without complication. I was working for a different company at the time and remember so vividly the day I went to the loo to find spotting. I was loathed to tell her what was really going on as it was so personal and eventually her attitude coupled with the stress of the pregnancy drove me to walk out on the job.

So, I lost a job and a baby at 8 weeks. That was spring , and by November I was pregnant again.

“I’ve got bad news for you.”

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For some people the week, mid-pregnancy scan or anomaly scan is the also ‘Early dating scans’ and ‘Combined screening for Down’s syndrome and.

Christina O’Sullivan, a year-old woman whose child has spina bifida, is seeking pounds , damages from a London hospital which allegedly failed to alert her to the condition during her pregnancy. Information about foetal abnormality is now expected as of right – yet for the mother-to-be it results in a painful dilemma: should she terminate the pregnancy or continue? Annabel Ferriman talks to three women who have faced this predicament. Liz Sewell guessed there was something wrong with her baby during an ultra-sound scan at 20 weeks of pregnancy.

She recommended a termination. This all happened within 10 minutes. The baby’s brain had not developed properly and she was seriously damaged. Later it was discovered that this was the result of a rare condition, known as amniotic band sequence, in which small holes appear in the amniotic sac. These put pressure on parts of the baby, resulting in deformity.

‘Half of UK stillbirths could be prevented with scans’

Please refresh the page and retry. A new study says that by the time the average child is five, its parents have posted 1 , images of him or her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like. This feels like a woeful underestimate.

Liz Sewell guessed there was something wrong with her baby during an ultra-​sound scan at 20 weeks of pregnancy. “I knew by the way the.

Something made me check your blog again today and I’m glad I did. I hope your care will improve as weeks go on. I have been a nervous wreck but trying to relax, knowing there’s very little I can do right now. I’ll look forward to hearing your news in coming months. Blogger Template created with Artisteer. After Anabelle. Our beautiful baby daughter Anabelle was born sleeping June Blessed with the screaming arrivals of our gorgeous rainbow sons,. After Anabelle – Raising Rainbows.

But most of all Love.

Fran’s story

After losing four pregnancies, Jennie Agg set out to unravel the science of miscarriage. Then, a few months in, she found out she was pregnant again — just as the coronavirus pandemic hit. Tue 5 May

Dating Scan?7. 21/08/ Tallulah I’m approx 12 wks with my first baby and after waiting 4 weeks after my first visit to the midwife and checking the​.

I heard the baby’s heartbeat BPM and the baby was moving around a lot! I think I got some decent ultrasound pictures of the nub, and I was wondering if I could get some guesses on whether the nub looks like a girl or a boy. See more ideas about Nub theory, Nub, Gender prediction. Very Good. Nub or umbilical Cord? Or cord or I don’t know lol. I got my ultrasound at 13 weeks and 6 days last week and the tech said she thought boy, but didn’t sound too sure of herself.

Raise your question or find answers in existing discussions. People who believe in nub theory will usually say that you can tell the gender from looking at the week scan photo, according to Rachel.

My four miscarriages: why is losing a pregnancy so shrouded in mystery?

Thats really good. My area dont tend to do anything much until you hit 12 weeks- apparently due to the risk of miscarriage they dont want to waste time x. Close menu. Am I pregnant? Toddlers years Tween and teens.

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For some people the week, mid-pregnancy scan or anomaly scan is the point at which they discover their baby may have a health condition. Many had not fully realised what the scan was for and were not expecting to hear this news. They were looking forward to seeing their baby and expecting reassurance. Looking back, many people stressed that, although they did not want to frighten other parents unnecessarily, they would recommend having someone with you for support.

She did not really appreciate that the week scan looks for particular conditions, despite And that was, that was all I thought was going to happen, because there couldn’t have been anything wrong because everything so far had told me that everything was okay. And even though I read the leaflet that said, you know, this condition and that condition and – none of it really sunk in and it wasn’t, everybody had suggested to me that the scan was to make sure that everything was right, not to tell me what was wrong.

And, you know, I can look back and think, how stupid I was that I didn’t actually stop and think, why is the NHS investing this money in me if everything’s going to be alright? I mean, they’re doing it for a reason and the reason is, the negative reason rather than the positive one, but I just didn’t, neither of us thought that.

We just didn’t think that at all. One woman had gone alone with her toddler and was stunned to be told her baby had a serious heart condition. This was a routine repeat scan because at the previous scan the baby was in an awkward position. She went for a routine repeat anomaly scan at weeks in her second pregnancy, not expecting

Antenatal Screening

We had our 20 week anatomy scan. Then changing gears, the stenographer began scanning back and forth as I chatted away happily as my babies appeared on the screen. He had taken on fluid. He had died. The stenographer asked the last time I had seen his heartbeat. Yes, it was on February 21, my birthday.

The Answers to Everything Mumsnet 12 weeks: the ultrasound dating scan This is usually given at around this time to check the age of your baby, how many​.

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Early pregnancy scan – ultrasound 5 weeks gestation