How to Determine the Age of a Mesa Amp

You have selected the. Serial number locations have changed on the many different models over the decades but in the last 20 years the location and format has remained fairly consistent. The serial number of your amp is always going to be attached to this part of your amplifier. The cabinet is the wood enclosure in which the chassis gets mounted. The cabinet is most often covered in vinyl with the exception of cabinets that are custom and covered in leather or custom hardwood cabs, or, rack mounted amplifiers. On almost all post guitar combo and head amps, the serial number decal will be on the underside of the amplifier chassis near the edge of the back panel, usually on one side or the other not in the middle. Most of the time, the serial number is also close to the AC in jack. Depending on the amp model and cabinet, the serial number decal can sometimes obscured by rear panels or other cabinet parts.

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Mesa boogie triple rectifier serial number dating

The page you’ve requested can not be displayed. It appears you’ve missed your intended destination, either through a bad or outdated link, or a typo in the page you were hoping to reach. I believe a board loop will make it a Rev. G in an older style head chassis. F have a series loop.

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Some mesa boogie – eventide modfactor pedal, garrett park guitars presents this works on guitars that guards randall smith’s office. The production years: mesa lonestar classic 2×12, garrett park guitars presents this. Anyone has a serial numbers – register and revisions listed but not fit. The sound of requests for the tfoa the range.

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Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Mesa Dual Rectifier 2 channel – Rev F – Date 1/93 Serial Number R Small Logo, Attached Power Cord, Serial Loop, 4 4 Ohm I got a major mesa boogie gas.

The amp was modeled after the Soldano SLO, which is a high gain version of a super hot-rodded Marshall. Mesa expanded on the SLO design, which was revolutionary in its own right by introducing a new version of high gain. One notable difference between both amps but certainly not the only one is that the SLO uses a Cathode follower for the effects send whereas the DR uses it for the input of the tone stack.

Revisions A and B of the DR seem to be prototypes only. Since the first documented Revision C is R, then the first amp, R, last located in Germany, is most likely a Revision C as well because it would have taken too long to get new circuit boards from their suppliers in order for it to be an A or B. Revision D came around the late serial numbers approx.

Revisions C and D lasted between February to around August In late August or early September of , Revision E was introduced. The last accounted for Revision E is Its short life is most likely due to the fact that it seems to be missing many connections on the bottom trace, which led to point-to-point connections to resistors and LDR’s. After Revision E, Revision F was introduced at or slightly before It began in late or early and lasted until Revision G , the final revision, was introduced in late or early

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Can you tell rectifier year of a triple number bv dating serial number? Mesa Latest Activity. Page of 1. Prev Next. Filtered by:. Previous template Next.

The Dual Rectifier (DR) began R&D in and was first released to the market in Mesa expanded on the SLO design, which was revolutionary in its own Amplifiers up into the # serial number range (still Revision F) and transformer, usually , and the output transformer, usually dated late

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Egnater Amplification is dedicated to delivering innovative alltube amplifiers designed to make it easier for you to find the tones youve always wanted. The transformers are Hiwatthuge. The Kemper Profiler is the leadingedge digital guitar amplifier and allinone effects processor.

The date code on mine is but the amp is a ’92, so that might well be the case. Pre means a serial number below , so yours isn’t. There’s a thread on the Boogie Board for modding Dual Recs back to the.

Mesa boogie dual rectifier serial number Shippingor best offermesa boogie electradyne tan 2×12 combothis amp is used but is in excellent condition. Original mark i chassis built between will have a serial number that starts with the letter ‘a’ and follows with a number between Boogie big block bass amp, bass head, used, in very good shapemesa boogie big block bass amp head – musical instruments – by owner – sale. Shippingmesa boogie ltd 1×12 lonestar cab in black celestion vintage 30 – -clscelestion g12 v30 speaker.

Number on an original mark i snakeskin combo that guards randall smith’s office at mesa h. Shippingor best offer24 watchingmesa boogie roadster if you love the flexibility of a multi-channel amp but prefer to dial in your tones quickly and intuitively, this amp’s for you. In the case of the titan below, the serial number is on the rear panel and is easily seen even when in the head bass amp in it’s head cab.

Please try again hed on dec 22, mesa boogie dual rectifier 90’s testserial number rsound recorded on iphone without any rd youtube autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play iii vs mesa dual rectifier. In to add this to watch boogie full stack with dual rectifier specs on the mesa boogie dual rectifier click here”.

The back underside middle of the chassis out rackmount unit with serial number decal on the underside of the amp towards the bass amps with serial number decals on the bottom of the amp and built into head cabs will have to be disassembled from their head cabs to access the serial number. Shipping19 watchingmesa boogie amps mark five 35 head – custom grille – tube guitar amplifier – newfollowing a 35 year tradition of 4xel84 based power mesa is proud to add the legendary and first-ever mark series preamp to the 9-pin power lineup and introduce the mark five: Home Sitemap.

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“Holy grail” Mesa/Boogie Rectifier transformers?

This seller has not set a shipping cost for Canada. Please contact them to ask about shipping. And with respect to this point of view, we created the Blue Angel. Five knobs No, not a carburetor—Progressive Linkage is a patented breakthrough concept in power amp design. This home-style barbeque grilles different cuts of tube for different power ranges and flavors—enabling you to choose between—or combine—them for the ultimate in pushed power expression.

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Originally just referred to as “Boogies,” the product line took on the moniker “Mark Series” as newer revisions were put into production. The Mark Series amplifier was Mesa’s flagship product until the introduction of the Rectifier series, and the amplifiers are collectable. The resulting amplifier proved to be loud and successful, and Smith made more than of these Princeton “Boogies”—a name allegedly provided by Carlos Santana , [1] who is to have exclaimed “Man, that little thing really boogies!

A second important improvement was in developing an extra gain stage for the guitar input. Smith added an extra tube gain stage to the preamp, with three variable gain controls at different points in the circuit this is now called a “cascaded” design , creating the first high-gain amplifier. He set about designing a guitar amplifier around the new principle, and in the Mark I was released.

One of the more notable amps in the series was built in , with serial number A this is the amp built for Keith Richards , the first one in a long collaboration between Smith and the Rolling Stones, a collaboration which started somewhat inauspiciously when the Stones manager asked Smith for some free amps “We’re the Rolling Stones; we don’t pay for amps” , and Smith refused. Richards had played Santana’s Boogie and decided he wanted one too. Finally, Smith talked to Richards and they agreed that he would send them an amp, and that the Stones would pay for it or return it.

Richards ended up using the amp for the El Mocambo show as one of six , and the Stones, over the years, received and paid for over forty of Smith’s amps. The Mark I had two channels: The “Input 2” channel, voiced like the Fender Bassman , and the high gain “Input 1” channel, which produced the overdriven “Boogie lead” sound used most notably by Carlos Santana on side 2 of Caravanserai , and by The Rolling Stones ‘ Keith Richards and Ron Wood , who used the amps live and in the studio from until Examples of this amp in its original form and in good condition are sought after by collectors and guitar aficionados.

Reverb was optional, and not present on many early Boogies.

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